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The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world......... let us appreciate our mothers always. JESUS WAS A CHILD ONCE LIKE ME.
A new age has been set on momentum course. The age of information freedom.
Most people possess data for kingdom exploits through scriptural practice.
However, close periscope would bring home the truth practiced, if it's well
divided through the aid of the HOLYGHOST. By this I mean graphical objectivity through our helper andcomforter (Eloi Para Cletus) HOLY SPIRIT. Without him involved in your scriptural research and study, it would look like trying to fall a mountain by throwing frustrating snowballs at it.

Thus I most reluctantly won't release my manuscripts written way back 2000
A.D. they are prophetic signposts in nature. Roadmaps to the ultimate
destination of the 'Ecclesia' in the eternal plan of God. That is, the body
of Christ
' on earth/ I'm not by chance referring to 'Ekklesia Magazine' O!
My reluctance has always stemmed from the need to get a 'go ahead' to
release it for publishing. The timeliness.

I've heard from close quarters about the new trend of the spirit waving
current. The currency of the spirit now flows in the direction of a value
called 'unity' or 'unity of the faith message'. Several times I've been
accosted and quizzed on this issue and my reply has always been in the
scriptural light. The truth that sanctifies and foundational or fundamental
to the unity of the faith is personified in Christ Jesus (John 14:6, 16:7,
17:17 & 19). It's that what binds the body of Christ together. The word of
God – the Truth restored is very crucial to the move of unity. I have been
able, through God's infinite wisdom amplified the roadmap to proper
understanding. Restoration of Truth, revival of hungry hearts for this, and
maturity to sonship manifestation (Roman 8). Please get a Bible and read it.
Acts 3:21 say Jesus will be held up in heaven until the restitution (some
versions says restoration) of all things spoken by the prophets. Until that
happens, there's no 'until we come together to maturity and unity of the
faith' our hearts are not in proper shape, so you need to be restored to the
Truth, by the Truth! Our hearts need to be reformed to restored to
restoration of Truth.

But the hungry for the power of unity often see the view as a share waste of
effort. They always opine that educating and re-orientating is not the key.
Rather, hit the nail on the head. By the wisdom of God, I say this; if the
'knowledge of the Glory of the Lord' shall cover or fill the earth as the
waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14, Isaiah 11:9, 65:25). Then knowledge and
schooling is very imperative. We need to be schooled in this Truth.
Training! A child that has grown into adolescence or puberty from wrong
habits has imbibed and formed a habitual behavior. It continues this way
until the child grown up decides to get educated to reform this behaviour. A
new habit gives new behaviour. You reform to get a new form. The process of
reformation is achieved by restoration of Truth. Its futile and continuous
subjection to 'futility of vainness' of attempts are just made to unity of
faith without the discipline of Truth. Otherwise, how do you hope that a
grown child would trade places with a former habit for a new one? He must
see strong reasons and value for the change. The worth must be crystal

Wisdom is calling the movers and shakers of this newfound love, to thread the
path through a road. I'm trusting God to use my faculties to properly
elucidate this notion in graphical perspective this I would do justice to,
for the benefit of all concerned. I hope my brethren in close quarters will
stay correctible, reachable and teachable. Sulking over who is 'holier than
thou' and 'holier than who' is an ill wind. Amen!

For starters, we are the wisdom that brings down the heavenly experience. In
this angle, we can't afford the price of not getting the pattern right. It
we don't, no way out. We have to get it right. We are the salt of the earth;
but when the seasonal looses its sensitivity to its season and potency to
season to…oops! It's no more the salt, but *INSULT *of the earth. How sad
and bad can it get? Then we set sail to achieve unity through
extra-scriptural means, hoping it creates the right atmosphere. When they're
not enthused and passion-driven…and no ACTS OF THE….you know what I mean.
Its not a good sight, really at all. When there's no doer of the word
proclaimed, no results. Doership indeed is by the spirit, because Jesus has
said so (John 4:24) (in spirit and in Truth) that's the admission criteria.
Thank God He used me to deal with this in 'Break out of synagogue mentality'
in a previous edition. Get to read it either in the mag or as a bulletin.
It's simply free! Please permit me to say that you should endeavour to
appreciate, support and pray for those who labour and proclaim the Truth for
your heritage.

Your heritage of possess and maturity. Do all you can to support us if you
have been a True worshipper of God in Spirit and in Truth.

The doubt of unity is the doubt of total faith. If you doubt unity reality
then examine if you are really in faith. If you are not, then you will get
proper admission through this medium. Faith is: if the word of God says; I
believe it and that settles it. It will surely happen no matter what.

So don't wait to waste. Factors of doubt are the inability to answer the
question of 'how'? "How shall this thing be?' Luke 1:34. In as much as all
things impossible has become possible with God and God is as sure as His
word; then unity of the faith is possible. Jesus (the word of God
personified) discussed it emphatically in John 17 before heading to the
cross. If there's no Christian experience or Sonship without the cross, then
there's no Jesus second coming (J2C) without the operating system of a
glorious united church. A united body of Christ without spot, stains blemish
or wrinkle.

Imagine a body in divided or fragmented form. Use a natural sense of
reasoning for once. Do you suppose that body can do something meaningful
together let alone attract something good?

Anytime righteousness must be established, reformation must precede
restoration. Revival takes place just before people get restoration because
the willingness and awaken must be evident before its educated for Truth.
(Psalm 110:1-3). Unity follows suit as a mother after her children. But the
lingering question, 'how?' I shall tell it in Garth, openly upon the
mountains. Get more on reformation, revival, restoration and more in next

For this piece, I shall discuss how God's awesome GRACE will achieve unity.
It's not my word; it's God's word. Everything is going to be by the Book of
Books. So don't quote me; quote the WORD! After this, it's left for you to
accept the liability and responsibility to turn this truth to assets for
you. Piece this knowledge together. It's my prayer that your understanding
is made fruitful with Godly insight. AMEN!

Let me commence with Psalm 133:1-3: it's a unity chapter in the old
Testament Verse 1 was articulated with an exclamation. It's an emphatic
shout to drive the message home. What's the content of this shout? It
depicts the benefits and pleasantness of people of the same bloodline and
origin to walk and live in UNITY! The writer went on in verse 2 that it's
like a valuable ointment or oil upon the head, running down upon the beard
of Aaron.

It runs down to the skirts of his robe or garments! It was said with a shout
once more in this verse 2. I don't want to delve into the meaning of
ointment or oil. But I want us to consider vividly the word 'precious' which
qualifies it. It means a thing of priceless value. Beyond highly esteemed
worth. So if this is the unity we've been missing, what a miss! Why isn't it
coming forth? Valuability attracts creation into one place, so why isn't it
happening? You see, if people don't see the same thing-eye to eye, its no
use. It can't be mechanically made real. Unity can't happen until we see eye
to eye. Seeing the same thing! That's why it must flow from the head! Who is
the head? Jesus of course: the head of the body of Christ or priest(s)
(priesthood), because 1Peter 2:9,10 tells me so. Our priesthood is of a
royal origin since the sanctifier and the sanctified are of SAME ORIGIN
Hebrews 2:11 and 12. For this reason, Aaron was used to symbolize in the old
covenant pointing the New Testament reality. (Psalm 133). From time
immemorial, UNITY has been calling from obscurity to the sons of men – now,
sons of God! Once we were not God's people, but we are. Hearken to the cry

Use your imaginative power to picture a long beard with robe gladded on him.
Then visualize oil running from his head to his beard and down to his
garment edge (skirts of his garment). The head is Christ and also the
custodians of the move. Hebrews 3:1. It runs down to the beard: this depicts
maturity. The virtues and Gifting in the body must take us to maturity.
Small boys don't grow beards. It's expected that you behave according to
your beards. Our nature must grow beards. We must embrace maturity so that
we're no more tossed by tempests and panic-stricken by stormy winds of
doctrines (strange beliefs). Ephesians 4:12-16. Please, read it with deep
understanding. It's your possession!

Maturity ushers in sonship! Sons see themselves as brothers. Maturity is the
salient hallmark of sonship. When our gifting grows beards and those who are
leaders embrace maturity, the body of Christ will register restored
identity. We thus must allow these Truths to restore us to one identity. Its
not just for us, but it's all for the Father, God. His ultimate plan is that
His love for man and creation must culminate into perfect fulfillment. sons
sees themselves as brothers.

When I say sons, it's not a gender thing here. There's neither male nor
female in our nature as regards kingdom function and affairs. If anyone
wants to prove otherwise, contact me. No chauvinism here depicted. Sonship
is the child in Revelation 12:5 who is to rule with a rod of iron. So I'm
talking about our functional nature, not GENDER SELECTION! Our nature is
rulership. It's kingdom in nature. Rod of Iron is our functional nature! OUR

Our recognition of Sonship gives us a sense of one family (Psalm 133:1,
Hebrews 2:11,12, Ephesians 3:14) God is the God of family, please Read
Ephesians 3:14). Since the natural family values and system failed from
time, He's not ASHAMED to call us BROTHERS OR BRETHREN! Christ is not
ASHAMED of us. Are we aware of this all the while? Then we must embrace

So until we get into maturity and take discipline with correction instead of
sulking like milk feeding babies, no sonship let alone manifestation. It's
when you become, that you can manifest. Roman 8. The whole world must see
our identity as non-contrasting, non-contradictory, non-controversial,
before we can rap up the plan of eternal purpose. Look let me tell all of us
something. Not all of you, but all of us. JESUS CHRIST is not coming back
until certain things take center-stage. Don't deceive yourself and anyone!
No reformation, no revival! No revival, no restoration! No restoration, no
maturity! No maturity, no UNITY OF THE FAITH! Why? Let me put it this way, NO SONSHIP, NO UNITY! That's why. I mean how can you get to the UNITY OF THE FAITH (Ephesians
4:13), which is seeing and believing the same Truth without having an innate
consciousness of ONE ORIGIN ONE FAMILY! MY GOD! The same chapter of
Ephesians 4 says we are of ONE FATHER, GOD! (Verses 5,6). Sincerely ask
yourself the honest question: Do I treat my Kingdom brethren with real
bloodline affection?

When these happen, we can manifest the JOEL chapter 2 Army. An army fights
as a single impenetrable unit. If you don't work as a UNIT (team and
teamwork) it reveals LACK OF UNITY. The UNIT that ask for Y is UNITY: UNIT +

When team is at work, it results in TEAMWORK! Sons have a sense of teamwork,
see themselves as brothers, see themselves as a family, and have a sense of
maturity. All these influence them for one singular reason: To see one
purpose and value system. ONE! Not two or more, but ONE!

Do I still sound abstract? Like my idea is being beamed from another planet?
I shall make you see the clear practicality of this Roadmap. It's so real.
All the while long, God our Father has solved the entire problem. The
carriers of light must stop making it look like out-a-space experience. It's
as real as your existence, my readers. This is it: Acts 7:1, Stephen
witnessed against the religions routine of the day. It was a testimony
against their legalistic way of making God's values a mirage. My verses of
concern are verses 1 to 4: from verse 1: talked about Abraham forming a new
family by leaving his family in obedience to the God of Glory. The dynamics
of God has always been: LEAVE TO CLEAVE. A man shall LEAVE so that he can
CLEAVE! Now, in ABRAHAM, we got a new family. Where does a family settle? A
HOME, not a HOUSE. A HOME typifies the activities and values that guide and
take place inside an enclave called a house. A HOUSE is a structure for
shelter. A family is all about HOME – A place of sense of belonging and
warmth. The place that builds confidence for boldness and faith over all
situations to rule with a rod of Iron! Now I am bursting it loose: The
Church started from the home setting and will be the instrument to end the
generational concupiscence of our time. From Abraham to Christ and to the
Church, the home is the place. When this message reforms us, home will be
the pivot of sonship manifestation. Abraham came from a home (family). Went
out to consecrate him to start a new home to please God's purpose. David,
Eli, failed in their home (family). We didn't learn the lessons too quickly
so we allowed the enemy shift our focus away from the unity in ACTS OF THE
APOSTLES as they went from house to house. Jesus the reality of sonship –
THE WAY WHO MADE 'PEOPLE OF THE WAY', was born in a proper HOME (family).

Church had officially started from HOME (family). Mary was His earthy
mother; Joseph: His foster father, and God is His DADDY! REAL DADDY. Hope you're still
following here? Now to scripture: in John 14:21-23 Jesus said that those who
love Him and keep His word (not like a goalkeeper, but doers of it), He and
His father will manifest (do you see manifestation?) to him and make His
HOME with him! (Verse 23). Now you see MANIFESTATION AND HOME RELATED. Isn't
this striking that Jesus taught this before touching UNITY in John 17?
Think? Doesn't it all make good and perfect sense? No wonder Jesus met with
them at a particular garden called Gethsemane. A HOME. No wonder they were
in one accord in an upper room (HOME). Do we really follow Jesus? Oneness
started from the HOME! That is, it's a family value we must practice and
imbibe if we're to reach UNITY! (Acts 2:1-4). They continued in the
apostle's doctrine from house to house (home to home) and ….oh my God! Just
read it. Acts 2:42-47. It was when they now heard the word after this that
they were cut to their hearts. (Acts 2:37). It was then they had power with
God and with men. This is the word that will reform hearts with power, but
get the pattern correct. It starts from with in us. Our hearts reformed. We
can't transform the world without our hearts being reformed. Joel says rend
your hearts not your garments! (Joel 2:12&13). Obedient is non-negotiable,
grace has been given since resurrection. Just obey. Do it! It continued in
Acts 4:32-37. Please see something in Acts 3:24: All the prophets proclaimed
these days not this day, but THESE DAYS: A series of events that must unfold
like a real life drama. This leads us back to Acts 3:21. Just read it. The

Aquila, fellow workers in Christ Jesus. The greeting was endless. Romans
16:3,4,5,7-10,11,13; 1 Corinthians 16:7-19 especially verse 19.

I beseech you by the mercies of Christ Jesus; let these words sink into you
deeply. Its life and abundant peace overflowing. It refreshes. It's able to
deliver us from the decadence of family, youthful delinquency, corrupt
practices, social vices, and more. The Gospel that uncharted regions will be
receptive to will come from ONE BODY, ONE SPIRIT, from ONE FAMILY (HOMES)
with SAME (ONE, UNITED) VALUE under ONE FATHER! That's the church that will
rap things. God be praised! Take this as a personal assignment: find out
from the Scriptures the benefits of UNITY.

Michael Odu uses the PRESENT TRUTH Avenue as a platform to disseminate the
foundational Truth of Christ to connect the promise of Sonship, priesthood
and Unity of the faith. He runs his flour confectionary and pastries
business with cutting-edge excellence in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can reach him on 234-7041111957, 234-8135883360. E-mail: presentruth@gmail.com OR juysmickeeya@yahoo.com.
Appointments & counseling available after partnership, financial
partnership, healing, and more are open to you. Hope to hear from you all.

God bless, enrich and give you deep insight to see and understand. God
really create the willing hunger and thirst for doership so that Grace for
obedience will be effervescence in you for all to see Amen!

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